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youtube and an update

2016-02-26 17:23:24 by tarantuloid

hello fellow hunters it's me again i haven't had much time on the site lately as my home life is getting a bit rough and my youtube channel is going through a rough patch since recording is getting choppy and others in my house complain when i record either from lag or from my own voice (i hope to move from this hellhole soon...) anyway i took the advice from the last commenter on my post and i've moved into the e through mature content and indeed there are some masterpieces i have been missing sticking only to adult material but as of recently i've hit a snag in my youtube schedule that i think my newgrounds career can fix i've decided to start recording games from newgrounds but only after i have obtained permission from the owner i will only record teen to everyone and i might switch to mature from time to time but i'd like to keep it youtube friendly i will do recordings on request but mostly just good games i find and can fit in my recording screen see you later as always

gonna do some art

2016-02-03 11:54:52 by tarantuloid

back when i first got here and the whole chat room was a thing (not sure if it still is or not i haven't really looked all that hard) i had people ask me what the demons i hunt look like well after my first piece of art the vow of the hunters i thought i'd give it a shot i don't know how long it'll take but i'm gonna try and draw the dragon demon first it's one of the more simplistic designs the only complex part being the wings i'll have to use paint because i don't exactly have the talents for irl drawing and i also don't have a scanner to make the drawing computer compatible so it may take quite a while depending on my schedule but i will get it done

i've been here a while and as you all know i usually review the more adult part of newgrounds it was the first thing that drew me to the sight when i was a bit younger and admittedly shouldn't have been viewing such things yet but the login confirmation wasn't a thing yet i believe anyway back on topic i try to stay out of the art section for my reviews as that's just too much for one hunter to handle and writing all those reviews would cut a considerable time out of my already short day as my day and night cycle are not in the right state at this time and just like E through M rated creators these products of hard work take well time and hard work and that means i need to widen my horizens if i wish to make my work a little more well known my only problem is many times creators will make what i like to call "joke" games being nothing but something to tease you for clicking on what looked like something very good admittedly i should check the stars but if i didn't give my two cents i wouldn't be doing my job now would i? my point is i wish to avoid that asmuch as possible so i am asking you all for advice on what i should review when i have nothing to review i don't expect a flow of suggestions but i hope at some point i can rack up a few for those days when there's not much new thank you for your time my friends see you in the reviews section

back and still bad

2016-01-10 08:25:39 by tarantuloid

i'm back everything turned out okay and i'm ready to do reviews again i'm excited for the stuff i hear is coming out 2016 is sounding like a wonderful year full of promising releases!

possibly my last talk

2016-01-01 00:58:05 by tarantuloid

this may be the last time i get to talk with you all my mother is kicking me out of the house i have a month and i won't have time to do anything but check back so i can see this site one more time and remember the wonderful memories i've had here i am not built for this harsh world and i don't make enough to even rent an apartment so if all else fails i will take the honorable way out goodbye my friends thanks for the memories


2015-12-28 21:15:42 by tarantuloid

i have shamed myself...i wrote a review prematurely on a user who was simply trying to spread the word on something they love to that user i apologize i will make no excuses only promise to try and do better in the future

back for good....i hope...

2015-11-24 05:14:40 by tarantuloid

i'm back for good i hope anyways i've had a rough ride these past few years coming to terms with a few things about myself and others going through a few phases this sight has changed while i was away i hope not too much and i hope people still like my reviews cause i'm doing them more than ever now it'll be this my gamer life and my gaming channel for a long time now

i'm back!

2015-08-11 08:44:58 by tarantuloid

i'm back! dear god it has been a while! i can't wait to catch up on all that i missed


2014-12-29 17:53:46 by tarantuloid

i will no longer be doing art reviews unless requested i'm finding it hard to keep up as loading this site from my old computer is a bit of a hassle so if requested i will post a review if asked but only if asked

hello newgrounds!

2014-11-28 22:35:54 by tarantuloid

it's been so long since i've been on! alot has happened since i left but i'm ready to keep doing what i do best plus i'm single again so more time to spend here