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used to do "professional reviews" but now you get uncut southern opinion take it from me that's worth its weight in solid gold
don't let my favorites fool you i'll review ANYTHING on request i just got an eye for porn and newgrounds has good talent there

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an even tougher decision

Posted by tarantuloid - April 25th, 2019

hey guys it's me again yeah i know the guy noone really pays too much attention to

listen i did alot of soul searching over the past week and i don't mean the usual shit

there were tears and insane levels of depression involved

but anyway i'm not here for a pity party i'm here to tell you i'm dropping my nice guy reviewer thing

it was nice and it was fun to pretend like i was crazy good at it and be all official but it wasn't exactly going anywhere and it's not like i was getting fan mail every few weeks so all it really did was make me feel shitty for not reviewing anything and in the end i feel like me doing this will make me alot more active on the site and give me a new lease on my newgrounds life

and maybe for once I CAN FRIGGIN CATCH MADNESS DAY! (i SERIOUSLY need a calendar)

anyway i'll still review something if anyone asks but i'm kinda just gonna go radio silent unless someone talks to me first or i need to settle some beef or something like that

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Hey dude, take it from me (look at muh name lol), don't force yourself. Don't feel shitty for not reviewing if you didn't wanna review then. And don't expect people to love you right away, I'm pretty sure no one had any idea who I was for a good few months. Yeah, you've been around longer, but you've been less active, so don't lose hope yet. Trick is to engage with the community through posts as well, things like that. If you legitimately don't wanna review anymore, that's fine, but if it's just because people don't know you or something, you have to keep engaging. And look, you get so many review responses, dude. So if you like doing reviews, you just gotta take it easy and at your own pace. I have had so many inactive/low activity periods.

you made a sick southerner smile today my friend and take it from ME i don't smile often
thanks for your kind words
i think if i do start up again it's gonna be the real me
which to be honest is loud swears like it's going out of style and likes to crack jokes
but knows how to talk shit and be serious when appropriate
thanks for your words of encouragement
and if you're really curious it wasn't really so much i wasn't really being noticed so much as i just wasn't feeling the way i was doing it that prim proper polite shit isn't me
i'm mean as a rattlesnake irl but i can be nice when i have to and it felt like me having to put on this nice even to the people who ignore me or curse me out or talk shit to me mask made me feel awful
so i'll take your advice to heart and thanks again