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used to do "professional reviews" but now you get uncut southern opinion take it from me that's worth its weight in solid gold
don't let my favorites fool you i'll review ANYTHING on request i just got an eye for porn and newgrounds has good talent there

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did you miss me~?

real talk though my computer still isn't fully fixed. i got a new one for more business related matters so i can't watch porn of any kind on it i will NOT risk a virus on that thing it cost me too much money and i don't have that in great supply.i DID however manage to *clears throat* "convince" some "old friends" who owed me money and my last favor to jury rig my broken computer so it doesn't shut off when i use it for longer than five minutes now. still has to stay plugged in and it's prone to slowdown but it IS functional and as far as i'm concerned fixed enough to use again.

alot happened since i was last on here, don't wanna bore you with the details but let's just say i'm more single than ever and happily so, have next to no fucking friends left in my life and even the ones i have are kinda distant and never talk to me unless i make the effort (and i'm heavily antisocial when i'm at home), aaaaand i had another mental meltdown the likes of which i haven't had in almost a decade. though on the upside i made sure i got my head straight before i posted this and came back. can't for the life of me remember what the fuck i was doing before i left though. bad side effect of that meltdown i mentioned, i got a split personality now and my memory is shot. then again it was never too good to begin with but let's not get semantical.

beyond that i wound up getting a twitch, and a *shiver* twitter... and i quit my job as an author. not really much beyond that. so yeah nice to be back.

OH WAIT! lemme check if panthea uploaded since my last review! *checks* didn't think they would. sucks too, they had so much potential but i guess they pulled a bethesda and said "if we can't have it our way then you can't have it at all." oh well.

see you in the review section!

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