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i'm a demon hunter with a passion for gaming and fingers of lightning i write professional reviews upon request or independently on my own my reviews are fair and honest (i mostly review adult content on newgrounds but i review anything upon request)

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look i won't sugarcoat it for you everyone the last two to three  years of my life have been and continue to be an on and off mental physical and emotional hell for me that i'm only now slowly starting to crawl my way slowly out of 

as you can guess that left me not in the best state to review anything other than the adult content i used to "take the edge off" and even then i'd be too exhausted to do that sometimes 

i won't lie to you and say i'm gonna jump back on the site with renewed vigor or anything since i feel a little bad about how a few of the little "phases" i went through kinda caught my newgrounds reviews in the crossfire i said some shit i'm not proud of and it's like that embarassing email you make as a kid it sticks with you 

i am however gonna try and be more active here try and step out of the adult spectrum of the site like i used to after school and just lose myself in the games and movies hell maybe i'll finally sober up and catch my favorite newgrounds holiday madness day (what can i say i just really love a good bloody fight) 

in short no i'm not back and badder than ever but hey if you message me i'll actually be in a sane enough mood to say something back when i get the time 

sincerely yours john jones aka tarantuloid

ps. that youtube thing didn't really go anywhere :/


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