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the animation itself is great but i think you might wanna add some context to your teaser. there's nowhere near enough here to judge the entire animation as a whole so it's impossible to condemn it for one bad teaser but i can't put this in any other terms than it might've been a good idea to sorta elude on why midna is chowing on tentapussy salad. i've seen weirder, god i've seen weirder... but when you release a teaser you wanna kinda get the mood flowing. this feels sorta like just any old loop. thought i might boot up the old laptop and give you some actual advice since everyone else is too busy crying over it.

Kattlarv responds:

Yeah... I know it's rather messy. But the artist is really slow AF, starting new projects each week. The entire animation is basically finished ironically. The artist just has to clean up the errors, and ass the second climax+genital variant. I could technically have uploaded the entire thing as the "teaser".

The "reason" is literally just "porn". I just took 2 chars I like, and did the classic "NOW KISS!". There's no story to it xD Just standard porn logic.

short sweet and to the damn point, can't argue with those beautiful results. and those BOOTIFUL jiggle physics, enough to make a man cry. TwT not to mention the sound is PERFECTLY in sync. i can't tell you how badly it can shoot an animation in the head if it has bad sound. also she have suit now.

short sweet and to the damn point, can't argue with those beautiful results. and those BOOTIFUL jiggle physics, enough to make a man cry. TwT not to mention the sound is PERFECTLY in sync. i can't tell you how badly it can shoot an animation in the head if it has bad sound.

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sidon is mipha's brother. i didn't know if you knew that since one of the scenes kinda implied they were banging but they're brother and sister. just throwing that out there.

my computer has been broken for upwards of two months and has died on me three times already with me trying to write this.
but i don't care if i have to steal the hope diamond to buy a new computer to get this typed you need to see it.

your stubbornness is killing the fanbase of this game. i swear half the people now only come back to see if you finally tore your head out of your ass. i have been polite, i have been nice, and i have been fair. but i'm no fool. it's quite obvious you give ZERO fucks about your playerbase when even after constant feedback you not only refuse to change it but to even acknowledge it. preferring the EA/ activision approach of. "i can't hear you the money says i'm right lalalalalala!" i'm done being nice about this. especially when your game takes longer to load than my computer can stay on for half the time.

i and everyone else who still comes back to these review sections has told you the same fucking thing over and over. open the gallery. we don't give a fuck about your cheats that you use to strong arm people into buying into your patreon you don't even deserve anymore in my eyes. we came here for the porn. like it or not that's what most of us are here for. and locking it behind a paywall shoving your head in the sand and your ass in our face is only going to cause more and more anger until next to noone plays your game anymore.

i've been more than proper in my previous reviews but where i come from this type of thing is as good as flipping us off. and southerners don't take kindly to that.

and as for how i managed to type all of this with my computer constantly failing, microsoft office is a wonderful thing.

edit: since i managed to borrow my friends laptop to run some programs to help fix mine i convinced him to let me check the review section and i wanna comment on the whole cloud save thing. what people are saying is right. it's shady as shit that you're hiding cloud saves behind patreon. another bit of strong arming like i said earlier. but even so, i gurantee nobody who actually cared would give a single crap if you just had the gallery open so saves were less of an issue. it's just the same problem, with a different coat of paint, with the same solution. i'm begging you for the LAST TIME. don't bring the greed from everywhere else here to newgrounds. you have too much potential to squander it all like some brain dead gaming company executive. and i know you're smarter i've talked with you before. but like i said above i and i guarantee you the rest of your fans will not take kindly to being insulted like this. don't make the EA activision mistake of treating us like walking wallets. because i can guarantee you you won't find a company for the fans to bite in the ass instead of you.

i first off wanna fucking commend you for what you said in the description
WAY TOO MANY people just throw sound around thinking "any sound is better than no sound" and while i might support mute buttons and their importance bad sound can make a fatal first impression and can make someone view your otherwise beautiful work of effort as a pile of crap

okay sorry for the rant i know that was kinda out of the blue but i felt you deserved a few encouraging words
this is one of those games you play when you want something nice and safe
nicely drawn
smoothly animated
a great amount of sexy choices
obviously had some tlc put in
it's a great game through and through and worth a fav easily
me personally i woulda liked a bj option but that's just me i love what's here
i'll be dropping you a follow and can't wait to see what you come up with next

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I feel like if this were playing I'd at least feel slightly better going down the wrong path

dude to me this is the best game in HISTORY!!!!! dude i almost cried this game was my life

this takes me back to my n64 games when i wasn't hunting i would watch the characters talk about this horrid event and then start saying how because of this things would get better and the fight would continue 5 stars and fav

SuperBastard responds:

Awesome man, glad you could get such imagery out of the music. Thanks!

used to do "professional reviews" but now you get uncut southern opinion take it from me that's worth its weight in solid gold
don't let my favorites fool you i'll review ANYTHING on request i just got an eye for porn and newgrounds has good talent there

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