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Entry #27

youtube and an update

2016-02-26 17:23:24 by tarantuloid

hello fellow hunters it's me again i haven't had much time on the site lately as my home life is getting a bit rough and my youtube channel is going through a rough patch since recording is getting choppy and others in my house complain when i record either from lag or from my own voice (i hope to move from this hellhole soon...) anyway i took the advice from the last commenter on my post and i've moved into the e through mature content and indeed there are some masterpieces i have been missing sticking only to adult material but as of recently i've hit a snag in my youtube schedule that i think my newgrounds career can fix i've decided to start recording games from newgrounds but only after i have obtained permission from the owner i will only record teen to everyone and i might switch to mature from time to time but i'd like to keep it youtube friendly i will do recordings on request but mostly just good games i find and can fit in my recording screen see you later as always


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